Sports Premium

Sports Premium 2017/18

The Primary Sports premium is funding that has been allocated to schools by the Secretary of State for Education to provide additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. The school has received £9,123 to support this. At Thirsk Community Primary school this is what we would like to achieve for our pupils with the support of the Primary Sports Premium:


· All Primary aged pupils to have additional opportunities to participate in additional extra-curricular sporting opportunities.

· All Primary aged pupils to have the opportunity to participate in an inter-school sporting opportunities

· To develop sustainability of extra-curricular activities · To improve the health and fitness of all pupils

As an outcome of the above is to achieve the Sainsbury’s games gold award for the third year running. 


 Review of the impact of the 2016/17

The sports premium during 2016/17 has made a very positive impact on the school. It enabled the school to participate fully in the Thirsk Cluster Schools Sporting events. This was over twenty different sporting competitions, some of the results can be seen in the school games link below. Over the year we tracked the number of pupils who took part in competitions and at the years end this totalled 202 -this meant that almost the entirety of children in Key Stage One and Two had an opportunity to represent the school -fantastic.

Funding was also used to set up different sporting clubs -some of these at lunchtime and other after school. We have begun to sustain the impact of this funding by the creation of young leaders or SSOC's (School Sports Organising Crew) who over the course of the year were trained and then led their own  sporting events -including an inter-house lunchtime football tournament!. We have also asked parents and carers to make a small contribution to the cost of some clubs allowing our funding to stretch even further.

The impact of this funding can be seen in the increased success our children have had when competing, especially in their increased self-belief and determination. An additional outcome is that for the second year in a  row the school has achieved the Sainsburys School Game Gold Award.  



The links below give you a little bit more information about the sporting events.  The PE results link shares information about the sporting competitions that the school has taken part in and how we got on. The link to the Sainsbury's School Games shares more about the completions, events and games including some photos of our amazing pupils in action! Click on the links have a look.