Christmas Craft Club

1st December 2023

We have had a fabulous few weeks doing Christmas craft club!! It has been an explosion of glitter, glue and goodies! 
In week one we decorated Christmas jars, using the decoupage technique and added various embellishments; the children made some beautiful snow globes or treat jars to take home with them. 
Week two saw a room full of Gonks and peg people! The gonks were created using felt, wool, beads and embellishments and we had great fun creating individual little characters out of pegs and fabrics too! 
Week 3 we got the clay out and made decorations using various cutters and techniques including pressing foliage and leaves into the clay and some wonderful individual designs made by the group.
Week four we painted our clay decorations and made some fabulous ribbon trees. It was also a chance for the children to make any extra crafts using the techniques they have learned and some added imagination .