Mission Statement, Vision and Values

As a school community of Pupils, Parents, Teachers and Governors we have all contributed to developing the Vision and Values for our school.  We believe that our Vision and Values should guide the way that we work each and every day.


School Mission Statement

'To develop confident young people who enjoy learning and strive to achieve the best. Together we will provide each pupil with a safe and caring school community that promotes fairness, tolerance and respect'


'Success -everyone, everyday'

 School Values

 Enjoyment, Perseverance, Respect, Compassion and Excellence


Enjoyment means:

  • Pupils will enjoy coming to our school
  • Children will experience a curriculum which has opportunities to enrich and to make learning fascinating
  • We will celebrate our successes both in school and in our wider lives
  • We approach the future with a positive outlook


Perseverance means that

  • Tries their best
  • Sees failure as a learning opportunity and works at becoming resilient
  • Is keen to further the school values and keep the school's Golden Rules
  • Is willing to care for and support others, particularly the vulnerable
  • Appreciates that learning must happen outside and after school as well as in it

Respect means that: 

  • Values and cares for all members both of the community and as people
  • Displays good manners at all times and treats everybody with courtesy
  • Tolerates difference while being keen and able to critically engage with difference
  • Shows respect for the school buildings, facilities and excellent resources - and the broader environment


Compassion means that: 

  • Has a willingness to help others
  • Is thoughtful to each other's feelings
  • Seeks to understand and not judge
  • Shows kindness and consideration

Excellence means that 

  • Has high expectations of themselves
  • Is proud of achievements
  • Sets high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • Makes best use of talents, time and resources
  • Celebrates and shares in achievements of others