School Uniform


At Thirsk Community Primary School, we believe that a school uniform fosters a sense of identity, belonging and pride. Our uniform sets a high standard of appearance for all, whilst clothing pupils in practical, cost-effective school-wear.  We expect all pupils to wear school uniform daily for school. The only exceptions for not wearing school uniform are where it is a PE/ sports-day  (see PE kit section below) or, it has been an agreed own clothes/ dress-up day e.g., to raise money for a charity or organisation.

Our uniform consists of:

  • red sweatshirt or cardigan
  • white polo-shirt
  • grey/black trousers, shorts or skirts
  • Red and white summer dresses
  • black footwear.  

We do not expect that pupils wear uniform with the school logo on it, this is optional.

There is a small stock of sweatshirts and cardigans and book bags embroidered with the school logo, available to buy from the school office.

Uniform can also be ordered direct from School Trends or School Shop please see the links below.

PE Kit is a white T-shirt and black shorts. Gymnastics and dance are done in bare feet, whilst for outdoor activities, trainers or special footwear (e.g. football boots) should be worn. It is important that separate footwear is brought to school for outdoor games. In cold weather we advise you to let your child bring some warm sports clothing such as a sweatshirt or tracksuit for outdoor games.

We rely on your co-operation in ensuring that your child does not wear jewellery for school, especially during PE lessons.