Yr 3 & 4 "Bottom Burps and Bile"

30th November -0001

Year 3 and 4 pupils at Thirsk C.P. School have been learning about their bodies and how to maintain good health in a topic entitled ‘Bottoms burps and bile’! As part of this topic the children have drawn their own digestive systems on a T shirt. One of our School Values is Enjoyment and the children certainly enjoyed this as well as being able to ta talk knowledgeably about their bodies and how they work.

The topic based approach is used across the school and is proving very successful as well as great fun, Older pupils enjoyed learning about life in the 1940s, they had a day in school in role as wartime children with an authentic 1940’s teachers, next week they are visiting Eden Camp. The Infants are studying the Great Fire of London and came dressed for a day baking bread in the bakeries of the 1600s.

Richard Chandler, Headteacher said, “Bringing the curriculum to life is so important for our pupils, activities like this really help to do this!”