Welcome to Thirsk EMS

Thirsk Community Primary School is an Enhanced Mainstream School (EMS). The specialist staff in the purpose built, resourced EMS provision support pupils who present with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs within 42 primary schools across our local area of North Yorkshire.  The pupils that are causing concern can be referred to our service by their home school if they require additional support and input to make better provision for these pupils within their school.

The EMS team work closely with teachers, parents, staff and pupils to support pupils referred to our service.  Support and intervention  is provided to schools  which aims to build the confidence, competence and capacity of our cluster schools to better meet the needs of pupils who are not making the desired progress due to their social, emotional and mental health needs.




 There are many ways this support can be implemented which may include:

  •          1:1 or small group out-reach interventions
  •          Staff training and support
  •          Providing bespoke intervention programmes
  •          Developing schools’ provision and building capacity within a school to better meet the needs of pupils
  •          Support with personalised provision planning for pupils
  •          In some cases part time in-reach support for a short period of intervention can be offered to support pupils with the most complex needs
  •          Providing home tuition for pupils with medical needs who are unable to access their mainstream school.
  •          Enrichment activities for pupils within Thirsk Community Primary School
  •          Access to education for children who are temporarily unable to attend their home school because of physical illness, injury or emotional needs.

All the staff working in the EMS are committed to providing pupils with the opportunities and skills to; develop their social skills, be motivated to learn, develop empathy, self-awareness and to manage their feelings effectively. Reinforcement of expectations and opportunities to nurture each child’s self-esteem are key elements of our work.



Accessing Support

Schools can make a ‘Request for Involvement’ through the Single Point of Access. A panel will review the request and forward the details for our team if an appropriate request has been made. A member of the team will arrange to meet with staff to make an assessment of the level and focus of need. The teaching team will respond by observing the pupil in school and will meet with Parents/ Carers to gather their views if support is needed in the home. An action planning meeting with the school and the family will follow, at which decisions will be made as to appropriate support and provision. The EMS team may work with staff to enhance their practice and might deliver a time-limited intervention working with a pupil who presents with particular needs. A review is then held to decide whether further support is required and whether the school staff is better equipped to support the pupil themselves. This is known as ‘Outreach’ support.

We are also equipped to provide ‘In reach’ support on those occasions when more intensive work with a child is appropriate. This will involve the child, usually accompanied by an adult from their home school, joining us at Thirsk to work on a highly individualised program of support and development.


In the case of a medical referral (a child which is temporarily unable to attend school due to a medical need), the home medical teacher will meet with parents, the home school and the child in order to provide educational support in the home environment and to ensure a smooth transition back in school when the child is fully recuperated.

We work closely with other outreach services and EMS schools, including Cognition and Learning (C&L), Communication and Interaction (C&I) and the Inclusive Education Service (IES). We also engage in partnership with relevant external agencies for example; CAMHS (Children and Adolescent's Mental Health Services), Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and the Prevention Service.

For further information regarding SEND provision in North Yorkshire and links to request support please use the following link:-  http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/23542/SEND---local-offer