Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre educational visit September 2017

17th July 2018
As part of our Environmental and Health studies towards our Food for Life bronze award, a selection of children visited Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre.
We participated in some adventurous activities and farm based education to discover more about where our food comes from, diet and nutrition and putting the learning into practice.
Our first activity was 'From farm to fork'. We met the free range chickens and talked about how eggs are sorted and weighed and the different ways chickens are kept. We also had the chance to milk a pretend cow 'Daisy' and learned about corn and how it is grown and then used in different foods we eat!
We then moved on to our second activity learning about animal welfare and the '5 freedoms'. On the way we were shown how to safely eat nettles without getting stung, we had some very brave children give this a try!
Our second activity involved a very hands on experience with some saddleback pigs! The children were placed in small groups to attempt 'pig wrangling', this involved trying to chase the pigs around a muddy field to move them to a new field! Great fun was had by all and our group successfully completed the task! 
We also spent some time in the poly tunnel with the Soil Association' for our last activity 'Organic Growing'. We discovered where and how different foods grow and what they need to grow. The children learned about different fruit and vegetable families and how you can recognise the links from looking at the shape of the seeds. We also planted our own garlic and were instructed how to look after this seasonal vegetable ready to harvest in Spring.
The children returned to school with some strawberry plants for our garden and lots of information to pass on to their classmates!
As part of the current Food For Life campaign ‘What’s powering your kids’.  The link below takes you to school Food for life page where parents/guardians/teachers/friends of Thirsk Community Primary School can enter a weekly competition to win cookery related prizes for school.
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