Nursery News 8.11.19


Nursery News

What a fantastic week in Nursery! The children have really impressed us with their mark making skills- drawing the most beautiful bonfire and firework pictures. They have started to use our making resources in a much more creative way- creating monster traps relating to our story. Yesterday they started to build their own indoor dens, using chairs, material and pegs! We have seen children working in teams and really trying their best. We feel that the class are really starting to bond and are really starting to blossom!


Text Detective

Our story book next week is ‘Bear Snores On’ and our Wow Words are: Dark, Sound, Loud, Quite, Hunt, Feeling, Courage, Thoughtful and Frightened. 

Bedtime Story Event

Linked to ‘Bear Snores On’, is our Bedtime Story event on Monday. Please don’t forget to send your child in pyjamas to school! We will not be playing outside or having paint in the classroom- so all clothing should be protected!!


Children in Need

Wear some spots to raise lots, on Friday the 15th November.


Christmas Show

Our Christmas Show will be on the morning of the 10th December. Precise times are not set yet, but we thought you would like the date in case you can book the morning off work. We will let you know when the time has been set and tickets are available.

Christmas Craft Morning

We would like to invite you to our Christmas Craft morning on Friday 29th November 9 – 10 am. This is a time when you can come and make decorations with your child in the classroom.


Nursery Open Day

We are having an open day at Nursery on Saturday 7th of December, this is for people who have already registered for a place at our nursery in the future, and also for us to meet any new families who might be interested in sending their children to our nursery. We ask you kindly if you could help spread the word for us!


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Wall, Miss O’Brien and Miss Wood