Nursery News 4th October

Nursery News

The children have loved doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. They have mastered ‘Daddy Bears’ voice- which can be heard booming around the class on a regular basis! They have also enjoyed making porridge, although the eating of it was loved and hated in equal measure!


Text Detective Next Week

A New Chair for Baby Bear

The First Signs of Autumn

Wow Words

Large, medium, tiny, surprise, anxious and texture.

Rhyme Time Next Week

When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down


Important Dates for Next Week


Catherine Marsden, a local Health Visitor, will be in the class from 11.45 am- for any parents who have a concern or wish to discuss something development or health related. Catherine is lovely and can provide support for many different things – such as challenging behaviour at home, sleeping problems and tricky eaters! If she can’t help, she can refer you to the person or agency that can. We are happy for you to stay in the classroom later than midday, so you can sit and chat informally. If you are a parent of a ‘full day’ child, you are more than welcome to come in.



Autumn Walk – please send your children dressed in preparation to get muddy!



We need one more volunteer for our library visit. Could you help? We will be leaving school just after nine and are returning for eleven.


Thank you to all who provided a bear for Show and Tell today, our children are becoming more and more confident with talking in front of a group.


Mrs Wall, Miss O’Brien and Miss Wood.