Nursery BIg Sheep Little Cow Trip

1st July 2019
Nursery Visit to Big Sheep and Little Cow 16th July 2019
A lovely sunny fun packed day was had when our Nursery children visited The Big Sheep and Little Cow in Bedale.
The day started with a visit to the playbarn with fun in the ballpit and on the slides, some of the parents and teachers also had a go!
The children  had the opportunity to have a go on the go-karts, roller racers and barrel train. Possibly the highlight of the day was the farm tour where the children were introduced to lots of cuddly and not so cuddly animals. There was a teeny tiny mouse in a teapot, a very old tortoise, a wriggly ferret, a fluffy guinea pig and hairy pig plus lots of other lovely critters!!
Thank you to all who helped make the day a wonderful experience.