March 2020

Nursery News

We would like to start by thanking everyone for taking art in our Jack and the Beanstalk task. All the children did an exceptional job of retelling this story and your support with this at home really helped.

Our theme Spring has Sprung continues for the following three weeks. We are moving slightly away from the growth of plants and flowers and moving towards the growth and life cycles of animals. We will also be having a focus on the celebration of Easter.

Our Text Detective (story time) books are: Dora’s Eggs, Dora’s Chicks, Baa – Moo- What Will We Do?, The Rhyming Rabbit and We Are Going On An Egg Hunt.

Our Wow Words, supported by these texts, are : First, Next, Last, Search, Compare and Grow. We will also be revisiting the previous Wow Words: Celebration, Gift, Journey and Transform.

In our Rhyme Time sessions we are learning the songs: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,  5 Hot Cross Buns in a Bakers Shop, Old MacDonald (teaching the words Lamb, Chick, Duckling, Piglet, Foal and Calf), and Chick-chick-chick-chick- Chicken).

In our phonic sessions Group 1 and 2 are working on using their split up/ phoneme fingers to give each sound in a three-letter word, for example ‘dog’. We are asking the children to use their Active Listening to tune into the initial/ first sound. We are also beginning to focus on grapheme/ letter recognition and are modelling how to read simple VC and CVC words, for example, in (VC) and pin (CVC). The sounds these children are focusing on are SATPIN. The children are starting to write the letters to represent these sounds.

In our phonic sessions Group 3 are focusing on the sounds EURHBF. These children are also being taught to read Green Words/ High Frequency words (words that appear often in our text). These words are; at, as, an, am, and, up, in, it, if, of, off, but, can, got, get, had, and will. Learning to read these words with no segmenting (sounding out) will really support them with developing fluency in their reading.

Here is a list of some of our planned activities for the next three weeks:

Creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired art with feathers and flowers.

Alliteration Animals Literacy Work : Match the name to the animal, for example Debbie Duckling and Penny Piglet.

Animal CVC Writing Literacy Work ; Using our phoneme fingers and alphabet chant to help us write the words; cat, dog, pig, hen, lamb and duck.


Dora’s Chicks Journey Map Mark Making


We Are Going On An Egg Hunt book making – creating our own lift the flap story.


Egg box challenge : A match the number to the amount game.


Egg Splat Target Challenge : An outdoor hand and eye coordination and number recognition game!



Dates To Remember

19th March : Big Brunch Lunch

Our AM session will be finishing at 12.15 PM.

PM session to start and finish as usual (12- 3)

20th March : Spring Show and Tell

Please send an object or item that represents Spring in some way for your child to talk about at Show and Tell.

23rd March : Someone Special Celebration  ** CANCELLED ***

Please ensure forms and money are returned by 19th March – to enable us to buy and organise the things needed!

26th March : Art Gallery Event *cancelled**

The school is having an Art Enrichment this week. Nursery will be looking at Andy Goldsworthy and recreating his style of work with flowers and feathers. The children’s work will be available to buy at the Art Gallery Event- please see seperate letter for more details.

1st April : Easter Lunch

Our AM session will be finishing at 12.15 PM.

PM session to start and finish as usual (12- 3)

27th April : Market Fruit and Vegetable Stall Visit

We will be having a Healthy Diet focus when we return after Easter. Our first focus story is The Hungry Caterpillar and we would love to follow this is up with a visit to buy some fruit and vegetables. We will need 5 parent helpers to support us please. If you feel able to do this, please comment below.


As always, thank you for your continued support – your help and support is really appreciated.

Mrs Wall, Miss O’Brien and Miss Wood.