Landart for Le Tour De Yorkshire May 2018

14th May 2018
Landart project- Tour de Yorkshire 2018.
We have taken inspiration from our local community and incorporated a Giant white rose (which is also our school emblem), the famous white Horse, school children and animals into the design. We used a number of different recycled materials including old carrier bags/sacks, old window roller blind material, an old tyre and painted MDF boards. We wanted to recognise the importance of recycling materials and the impact that this can have on our environment, animals and people!!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this project happen. We had a lot of donations of carrier bags that the children then made into rosettes and pom poms by following an instruction sheet. Some of our youngest children in nursery helped to paint two giant sheep and children from other classes were involved in painting the giant boards. We plan to recycle the bags and material afterwards and display the painted boards around the school grounds.
We were so excited when the helicopter came to view our installation and it was shown on the tv!