KS2 Trip to Arbeia Roman Fort

1st November 2018
Trip to Arbeia Wednesday 14th November.
To support our National Curriculum History Studies, dealing with the Romans, the children of year 3 and 4 had a trip to Arbeia Fort, near South Shields.

Here is what Lily Lambert from 3/4A thought of the visit!

Yesterday, the whole year ¾ went to Arbeia in South Shields for our topic about the Romans.

First, we visited the tall Gatehouse. Inside, we climbed lots of wooden stairs that felt like they went on forever. At the first floor there was 4 different rooms with models and signs. The  models were amazing. After climbing more stairs, we reached the top. I pretended to throw rocks like the Romans did.

For the next activity we got a tour of the barracks and where the commanding officer and the centurian lived. There were 8 soldiers that had to sleep in a tiny room.

Then, we went to a museum. We had to sketch an object in the museum.

I had a really fun time at Arbeia. I hope I can go again.