KS1Going Green topic and Visit to Thirsk Garden Centre

30th May 2018
KS1's first topic for the summer term is 'Going Green'. The children were very lucky to enjoy a visit to Thirsk Garden Centre. We were escorted by our very own Policeman who assisted in our walk and ensuring our safety when crossing the roads.
The children had a great time exploring all the different areas of flowers, plants, fruits, herbs and seeds and were encouraged to talk about them. We had lots of discussions including how plants are the same/different, what different plants need to survive, How plants can be useful to us and lots of other fun facts!
We had fun smelling the different herbs and had a lovely chat with one of the staff who told us all about how to grow peas at home!
We have also planted some vegetables and flowers in our new flower beds that were donated by our tesco grant and made a garden on a plate for our topic homework. We planted an individual sunflower seed and cress head to take home.
A big Thank you toThirsk Garden centre for having us and to all the parent/carer/grandparents who helped us on the day.