KS1 Superhero day March 2017

3rd March 2017
Superhero day
The children of KS1 (Mrs Burrell, Miss Shepherd and Miss Cullis' classes) took part in a superhero day. The children (and teachers) looked amazing in their superhero costumes and really took to the role-playing by participating in some special superhero missions!
There was superhero dancing in the hall, the sounds of the superman theme tune were echoing around the school whilst our hero's rescued their very own Lois Lane! Take a look at the videos below to see them in action!
Other activities included superhero biscuit making and the children also created their own vegetable character based on the 'Supertato' book.
Some of the children commented that it was ''the best day ever'' and asked if they could do it again! Mrs Burrell said the next day when they were asked to write about their experience the children's concentration was evident as ''you could hear a pin drop''. Overall it was a really positive experience.