Nursery News 24th January


Nursery News

Next week our theme changes to The Around Us: The Dark Night Sky! This theme will last until half term.

Text Detective Books

Roaring Rockets

Whatever Next!

Our Moon

How To Catch A Star

The Way Back Home

10 Little Aliens


Wow Words







Supported by : Planet, Sphere, Sound, Point and Corner.


We are also having a focus on Rhyme and our Helpful Huddle are in each morning to play rhyming games with the children. There are some lovely online games to play that support the skill of rhyme, try Reds Rhyme and Roll, and Frogs Rhyming Machine are our favourites!



Miss O’Brien Group

These children are focusing on alliteration, hearing words that begin with the same initial sound.

Mrs Wall Group

These children are focusing on segmenting (splitting up) CVC words (ie tap, pan, sit) with their fingers (the thumb is the first sound). The children are working on giving the initial sound and then segmenting the whole word.

Mrs Bendelow/ Mrs Burrell

These children are learning grapheme/ phoneme correspondence (recognising letters, naming the letter and the sound) and how to read them in a word.


Library Visit

We are visiting the library on Friday 14th February, leaving school at 9.15 am. If your child does an afternoon and you would like to swap to an AM session for this day- please let Mrs Wall know. We also require some adult volunteers if you would like to help us!

 Amazing Support

Thank you to all that have offered to help resource our Dark Night Sky activities. We really couldn’t do it without you and it is really appreciated.


Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Mrs Wall, Miss O’Brien and Miss Wood.