Information from Nursery Open Evening Sept 2019

Important Information from Open Evening

Sharing Stories, Singing and Phase One Phonics

From Monday 23rd September your child will be bringing home a reading record from school. We would like you to share a story, sing, or do a phonic based activity five times a week with your child- spread over the seven days of the week. In the front of the reading record you will find a sheet that details the kind of questions or comments you could use whilst reading, they are set against the 30- 50 month age band of the Foundation Stage Curriculum for the section Reading- the curriculum your child follows at Nursery and the descriptors of which they are assessed against. The sheet at the front of the record is to guide you with what you might like to write in their record- this is evidence we can use at school for assessment.

We are not asking that you read five stories a week! Singing nursery rhymes and learning them off by heart, playing games about sound, or rhyming games, all teach very important skills your child needs to become a good reader in their Reception year. This increased emphasis on sharing stories replaces the traditional PACT task that our established children are used to receiving. In the classroom you will see a new ‘Get Ready to Read Rainbow’. This is an area full of activities you may choose to take home, should you fancy doing one of these rather than a story. Each pack has a card detailing the Learning Objective (s).  They are fun and interactive! Children often enjoy hearing the same story more than once and learning to re-tell a story also supports many skills needed to become a competent reader.

Your child’s reading record will be checked every morning by a member of new volunteer team, The Helpful Huddle. If we find the comment box for the day before empty, then they will share a story with your child in our reading area. We find that all of our three and four year olds love stories, usually when there is an adult in the reading area- they get pounced upon! So, we are not envisaging a problem with this! Our Helpful Huddle will also ask your child if they would like to change their book, or choose an activity to take home.

To clarify: we are hoping parents will do five small ‘somethings’ a week to help support reading.


Drop Off

From Monday the 23rd of September our morning routine is set to change. When the children arrive on a morning they will be asked to ‘sign in’. For some children this will mean simply making a mark, for others it will mean learning to write their name. The children will do this at the top of the classroom at the tables. From here we are going straight into Text Detective (Story Time). This is to ensure that the children still have a big chunk of time for independent learning- free play, to master the Characteristics of Effective Learning. We will then be doing our Phonics teaching before lunch.

For our new routine to be effective, our timings have to be very efficient. We are therefore asking the children to be lined up reading to come into Nursery at 9 am. Mrs Wall will be on the playground from 8.50 am – to ensure that there is still time for parent and teacher to talk. We will be encouraging the children to come into Nursery independently. If you child is worried or upset, we will not be stopping you coming in with them! Their happiness is key! You are welcome to come in and see them to their ‘sign in’ job, where a member of the team will help you with the ‘goodbye’.


The Presentation

We have three copies of the Presentation that was given at Open Night. If you would like to borrow a copy to read, please ask a member of the team. It is 21 slides long – hence why we have only done three copies!

If you have any questions, please book a before school appointment with Mrs Wall for Thursday or Friday of this week. Unfortunately Mrs Wall is not available after school, due to an Early Years Staff meeting and a Baseline Assessment Moderation meeting.

If you are a new starter parent, please sign up for a Baseline Assessment meeting. The sign-up sheet is in the classroom by the coats.19

Thank you,

The Nursery Team.