KS1 Great Fire of London Dress up day and topic homework Feb. 2017

16th February 2017
KS1 Great Fire of London Day
Mrs Burrell, Miss Cullis and Miss Shepherds class went back in time to the year 1666 to participate in some Great Fire of London themed activities. They created an amazing collage depicting the great fire with such vivid colours and atmospheric detail. A classroom became the bakery at Pudding Lane and the children each had a go at making and baking bread, mmmm some lovely smells coming from this part of the school!. The children and teachers all looked so authentic in their costumes and a great learning experience was had by all involved.
The topic homework for this term was to create a fire of London scene. There were some fantastic efforts and the children really used their imaginations to create some spectacular and colourful pieces. A big thank you to all parents/carers who helped their child with their homework.