Famous for five minutes KS1 Topic Day January 2018

30th November -0001
Famous for five minutes Day.
The children of KS1 had a famous for five minutes topic day. They were given the chance to dress up as someone famous. The school looked like it had been invaded by celebrities!
In Miss Cullis' class the activity was dance and drama. They went on a journey to space. They pretended to be astronauts and strapped themselves into an imaginary rocket and flew up to the moon. On the moon they found an alien and helped to fix their spaceship, then they saw something in the distance that was about to land, they were so shocked that they rushed back to their rockets and made the descent back to planet earth!
In Miss Cruikshank's class the children learnt all about the famous painter van Gogh and created their own 'Starry night' pictures using a range of materials including oil pastels, glitter and black card.
The children baked rock cakes with Miss Shepherd