Defibrillator project

14th May 2018

Thirsk Community Primary ask for Community help in raising funds for a Community Public Access Defibrillator.


Thirsk Community Primary School have been working with the local First Responders Team and are involved in raising funds for a defibrillator to be located at the school, adjacent to the car park.

This would be a Community Access Public Defibrillator and will be for the benefit and use of all residents and workers in the East Thirsk area. At present the nearest defibrillators are at:

South Kilvington

Meadowfields – Library

The Swimming baths

The Health Centre

As you can see this situation leaves the populace of East Thirsk side of town vulnerable should someone need this emergency treatment.

The children at Thirsk Community Primary School have already started fund raising for this project and the school is asking for the community to become involved so that we can raise the necessary cost of £1400 as soon as possible. The school will be a collection point for fund raising and if anyone would like to be involved in fund raising or make a donation please contact the school on 01845 524349 or

The overall cost includes the defibrillator, the cabinet and training. Awareness events will be set up once the defibrillator is purchased so that the community can be fully involved.

Your support will be greatly appreciated in this project which could save your life or that of a friend or member of your family. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more .