Year 6 Residential to Peat Rigg


1st June 2022

YEAR 6  Residential to Peat Rigg

Peat Rigg written by Josh and assisted by Ethan .

This week Year 6 went on a residential to Peat Rigg. On Monday morning ,we waited in the hall for the bus to arrive.  After a short journey ,we arrived at Peat Rigg at lunch time.  Following lunch, we were split into three groups (A, B and C) . Group A went abseiling, group B went crate climbing and group C did low ropes and archery. After everyone was finished we had an evening meal and went orienteering. At the end of the day we had supper - hot chocolate and a snack - before going to our dorms to sleep.


On Tuesday to prepare us for the day ahead , we had a filling breakfast before heading out for canoeing. After the row across the lake we had  lunch before heading back to the accommodation. Once we were back, Group A did crate climbing, Group B did archery whilst Group C did canoeing (since they hadn't done it yet). Finally their evening activity was some different team games such as ‘nuclear reactor’ and ‘mine field’.


On Wednesday morning, we got packed and ready to leave, Group A did archery and low ropes whilst Groups B and C did abseiling. Then we got our suitcases and boarded the bus ready for the trip home. Once we arrived back to school and were reunited with our parents ready to go home.