Yay its world book Day!!!!


1st March 2022

WORLD BOOK DAY 2022- Every child a readerWorld Book Day - 2022 - Pawprint Family

On Friday 4th March every child at school was given a book to take home and hide in the community. It will mean over 170 books out there for children to find within the community! We had BBC Look North at School on Wednesday to film some of our reading ambassadors and interview our Reading Lead Mrs wall. We also had David from Thirsk Weekly News visit the school on Thursday to take photographs and have a chat with us.

Pupils added their very own book review of their all-time favourite read, which will be attached to the book they will ‘drop’. This is to inspire the reader with a book they might like to read next.

Individual classes  planned their own events:


In Early Years, World Book Day kick started their new topic ‘Out and About’.  Their first focus story for this is The Three Little Pigs. Most importantly the children were visited by Three Little (Guinea) Pigs!!!! 

Key Stage One – Year One and Two

Pupils brought in their favourite book to enable the writing of the review.

Children in these year groups looked at ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers and everyone came in wearing their favourite colour!! 


Pupils brought in their favourite book to enable the writing of the review and a plain white t-shirt to decorate with their favourite book. They spent the day doing art and drama based on the book they brought, this work  focused on their favourite character from the story.


As well as bringing in their favourite book the children spent the day looking at the work of the author Liz Pichon, creator of the incredibly popular Tom Gates books. They produced their very own version of a book in the style of Tom Gates.


Year five promoted reading by hosting a Book Swap in their class for their friends. Finished with a book? 

They also looked at different types of reads, including comics and magazines with an art/ design focus Finally creating their own class magazine to sell next week!!


Year six did a graphic novel exploration, alongside Mrs Kirkman sharing her favourite graphic – a version of Great Expectations. After some teaching around this, the children created their own graphic novel from a chapter given by Mrs Kirkman. This lead to a debate around the motion that Graphic Novels are better to read in today's society than the original texts! Mrs Wimpory’s Literacy group ignited their imagination by creating some of Professor Snape’s bubbling potions from Harry Potter to then become potions masters themselves and create their own potions.

Some of the lucky finders of books!
Over 170 books ready to hide in our community but can you spot who else is hiding in our pictures???? #Where's Wally??
Snowdon Class create a magazine recreating their favourite book in a comic book style including quotes, puzzles and fun facts! 
Potion Making in a Harry Potter style lesson with Mrs Wimpory! 
Year 2 (Roseberry), wearing their favourite colours and sharing stories! 
We even made it onto the Tv featuring on BBC's Look North with the lovely reporter Olivia.
Year 4 (Scafell) create their own books in a Tom Gates style
Year 3 (Helvellyn) Show of their t-shirt designs inspired by their favourite books!