4th March 2021

World Book Day 2019
Share a Story for World Book Day 2021

World Book Day was on Thursday 4th March and this year was based on the theme 'Share a Story- anytime, anywhere'. Our teachers prepared a fun day of learning based around a specially chosen book for each class. All week we had share a story videos from staff across the school. We also held a Share a Story competition to encourage reading at home and become a reading Star showing exciting ways you can share stories - not just at bedtime!

We had some fabulous entries including reading inside dens, reading to family/friends over facetime, reading to pets and toys, reading something that isn't a book, reading in the style of a famous person and reading in the bath, among other wacky ideas!

Everyone that entered received a bookmark with the main winners being picked from a hat to win a story gift bag! 

Well done to everyone that took part, we loved seeing the exciting ways you chose to share your favourite stories.

Look at some of the interesting ways you can read a book!
In a bath, upside down, to all the creatures, with your family, inside a homemade den, with your toys or dressed up as Freddie Mercury!!!