Return to School in September

Returning to School   


The Summer term is beginning to draw to a close and, as such, we are now in a stronger position to begin to share our plans for the safe return of all pupils to school in September. This letter is similar to the one that was sent out to some parents prior to partial opening in June, so if the format seems familiar -it is! However, please look carefully at the details and especially the timings.

 Summary of Key Changes:

  • Classes will form ‘bubbles’. Bubbles in our school will be your child’s class group. With the exception of Year Five, where it is the year group. This has been arranged so that each bubble has its own entrance and exit to school, its own cloak room and its own toilets.
  • The start of the school day and the end of the school day will be staggered as will lunchtimes and break times
  • A strict one-way system will continue to be in place for pupils arriving at school and for collection time.
  • All PE teaching will be outdoors- on the days your child has PE children will need to bring a suitable all weather PE kit .
  • The school kitchen will be providing hot meals, although children will need to eat them in their bubble or classroom.
  • Please only contact the school office by phone.
  • After School Club and Breakfast Club will remain closed until at least Monday 21st September. We will continue to review the practicalities around this and inform parents when this will restart.
  • The trim trail is closed. Please do not allow children to use it.
  • Children will be expected to wear full school uniform on their return to school.
  •  There is a specific COVID homeschool agreement, this will be sent out on eSchools –please read.
  •  We are not advising pupils to wear face coverings –guidance suggests that used inappropriately they can help spread disease.

 Prevention and Response

The first consideration is the safety of both pupils and adults working in school. During the school day we will be asking the children to wash their hands regularly and we will be cleaning more frequently –especially frequently touched surfaces. We will be promoting the ‘catch-it, bin-it, kill-it' message with all children. Please do not bring your child to school if they are displaying coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does. These are a new or continuous cough or high temperature and/or a loss of or change in their sense of taste or smell. Please refer to the Government guidelines.

Classes will form ‘bubbles’

Each class & Year 5 group will form a ‘bubble’. Government advice has indicated that children –those of primary age – may find social distancing challenging. To keep everyone safe, each class will be a ‘bubble’. What this means is that, although there will be social distancing within each class, or bubble, there will be times where this is just not possible e.g. a shoelace needs tying or help with zipping up a jacket on a cooler day.

Each bubble has to remain completely separate from another bubble as much as possible. This means that we will be unable to have assemblies as a school and breaks and lunchtimes will need to be staggered. Children will not be able to use the ICT suite in the same way as they have been prior to Covid. Children will be unable to spend time with children in another bubble. Lunches will be taken in their bubble, currently this will be in the classrooms. The size of bubbles varies across the school; however, we have tried to make them as small as practically possible.

What will classrooms be like?

Each bubble will have its own cleaning and first aid equipment with a designated first-aider. Each bubble will have its own toilets, cloakroom and sinks to prevent children mixing with children from other bubbles.

Classrooms will look and feel different. To allow for more regular cleaning and to prevent the potential spread of the virus, desks have been arranged so that all children are facing the front. This is to try and reduce the amount of face to face contact.

Which classroom will my child be using?

Most children will be returning to school to their new classroom. In more normal times, we would have carried out a transition week where children would have spent time with their new teacher in their new classroom. Unfortunately this year that has not been possible. Over the coming weeks, we will post some photos on the school website of what your child’s classroom will look like ready for September.

Rooms that are being used:

EYFS bubble: Mrs Wall -Reception classroom

Year 1/2 bubble: Mrs Burrell -Key Stage One classrooms

Year 2 bubble: Miss Lonsdale -Key Stage One ‘Corner- next to the Library’ classroom

Year 3 bubble: Mrs Bullock –Key Stage Two Corridor

Year 4 bubble: Mrs Turner and Mrs Atkinson –Key Stage Two Corridor

Year 5 bubble: Mrs Collier and Mrs Holme –Double Mobile Classroom (former Y6 classroom and Breakfast Club room)

Year 6 bubble: Miss Gloag –Single Green Mobile –on the playground

Arrival at school

A strict one-way system will continue to be in place

For children in all year groups entry on to the school site will be from the Children's Centre gate only. The exit route will be through the Community Gate only. This will be in place at the beginning and end of the day.

Staggered start times:

To support with social distancing, we are staggering the start times for pupils at the beginning of the day.


EYFS bubble: 8.45-8.50am- this includes AM Nursery Children

Year 1/2 bubble: 9.05-9.10am

Year 2 bubble: 9.05-9.10am

Year 3 bubble: Mrs Bullock 8.55-9.00am

Year 4 bubble: Mrs Turner and Mrs Atkinson 8.55-9.00am

Year 5 bubble: 8.45-8.50am

Year 6 bubble: 8.45-8.50am

If you have children in different year groups, please bring all your children in at the earlier time.

For example:

You have three children in school, a child in Reception, a child in Year One and a child in Year Six. Arrive with all children at 8.45am

You have one child in Year 3. Arrive at 8.55am

When you come on to the school site you will be directed to where you need to stand with your child. Please can we ask that only one adult accompanies a child or family group to school. If you do need to bring other siblings with you they must remain with you at all times.

Please be aware that you will not be able to speak to your child's teacher in person. If you do need to speak to your child's teacher, please ring the school office to request a phone call.

Please do not be late for school –by doing so you are putting others at increased risk. Gates will close at 9.10am. If the gate is closed then you will need to contact the school office to arrange how we will can arrange your child’s entry into school.

Collection at the end of the day

Just as at the beginning of the school day, the end of the school day is staggered.


Nursery pupils finishing at lunchtime: Nursery gate 12.00pm

EYFS bubble: 3.00-3.05pm this includes PM Nursery Children

Year 1/2 bubble: 3.15-3.20pm

Year 2 bubble: 3.15-3.20pm

Year 3 bubble: Mrs Bullock 3.10-3.15pm

Year 4 bubble: Mrs Turner and Mrs Atkinson 3.10-3.15pm

Year 5 bubble: 3.05 -3.10pm

Year 6 bubble: 3.05 -3.10pm

When you arrive on school site you will be directed where to wait for your child.

If you have children in different year groups, e.g. a child in Year 2 and a child in Year 6, you will collect the children at the earlier time of 3.00pm

What else should I be aware of?

School Dinners

The school kitchens will be providing two meal options. These will be eaten by children in their classrooms. If your child does not require a school provided meal, they will need to bring a packed lunch with them.

School Uniform

Children will need to wear school uniform on their return to school. To prevent the spread of the infection, it is recommended that this is washed as regularly as possible.

School Clubs

For the time being, these will be limited to one bubble –this is to limit the interactions between children in different bubbles. Where we are able to run clubs, these will be organised early in the Autumn term. We may be able to offer music tuition –more information will be available in September.

Home/ school reading

This will restart from the beginning of the term, pupils will be able to take books and reading records home. Given that reading is so important, we will be starting our: ‘everyone, every night’ expectation from the September –as always your support in hearing your child read regularly which makes a huge difference to their learning and future success.


If you child needs medication in school, e.g. epipens or an inhaler, then these will need to be brought back to school. If parents/ carers could please come to the school office on Tuesday 8th September to fill any necessary forms, that would help for a smoother start. The form that needs to be completed will shortly be our Website for you to download.

Please only contact the school office by phone

If at all possible, only contact the school office by phone. If you do come to the school office, the glass screen will need to remain closed, you may also only be able to speak to the office team via the intercom.

Bringing items from home into school


Please bring in:

Please leave at home:

Packed lunch in a Washable container

A Water Bottle

Everything else:

-Pencil case



-Bikes/ Scooters


Mediation if prescribed –e.g. inhaler

PE Kit -labeled with name

Coat or Jacket

Reading book and reading record

Thank you for taking your time to read through this letter. There is a huge amount of information within it. Everything we have done is with the safety of your children and the adults that work at our wonderful school. If you do have further questions, please get in touch and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Please have an enjoyable and safe summer break and really look forward to welcoming everyone back on Wednesday 9th September.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Chandler