Peat Rigg 2023

1st May 2023


It’s that time of year when our year 6’s have competed their SATS and got to experience a wonderful adventure at Peat Rigg outdoor Centre.

Despite  a few tears and nerves as they waved goodbye (this was mainly from their parent’s!) the bus set off and the fun began!

After filling their tummies with a lovely lunch and checking out their rooms, the activities began straight away. They tackled the high ropes, climbed towers, swung off ropes, canoed, went swimming and abseiled off a bridge.

The weather could not have been more perfect, the Peat Rigg staff looked after them with such care and served up some delicious meals including a BBQ on the last night.

The evenings were spent playing games, they also had a cookie party and a massive game of hide and seek!

Some amazing memories were made of time spent with their year 6 friends and teachers and Mrs Kirkman and Mr Challenger said they are so proud of each and every one of them. They all had beautiful manners showed respect and kindness to each other and staff and were the tidiest bunch of pupils they had ever seen!


Off they go!!!