Music For Life Workshop KS


1st June 2021

We were so lucky to be able to host the Music for Life team at school today!.
The sun was shining and the band were able to set up outside on our school grounds. Each class bubble from year 3-6 spent a session with the band, learning about jazz music and joining in some great activities. 
Our Year 4 Bubble enjoying the Music!
Here is what The Music For Life Team had to say......
We have had a lovely day working with children across years 3, 4, 5 and 6 today. Some excellent listening and everyone was so keen to learn about jazz music.
really supportive teaching staff and a lovely atmosphere. Thank you so much for having us in your school to play music for you.
Andy Stamatakis- Brown  - PIANO
Ben Gray                          - DRUMS
Gavin Barras                    - DOUBLE BASS