Jasmine Harrison visits!


1st March 2022

Atlantic Rower Jasmine Harrison visits school.Jasmine Harrison Becomes Youngest Woman to Row an Ocean Solo » Explorersweb
HOW lucky are we!!????? We had a visit from the Amazing sportswoman Jasmine Harrison. Jasmine is an eminent English personality who shocked everyone across the globe with her passion and dedication for rowing. She is officially the youngest ever solo Atlantic rower.
The children listened so carefully to her and she was very inspiring (we will not be rowing across the Atlantic anytime soon though!).  Everyone had fab Questions to ask about her adventures and the video footage and photos she had really showed what it was like to be out there solo on the ocean!.  Jasmine has big plans for an event in the summer and for in 2 years time but it is all top secret apparently! 
What do our children say?? 
''I was really inspired by Jasmine, the fact she was on her own doing it for 2 whole weeks!''
'' I thought it looked very scary, she is soooooo brave''
''Jasmine is so inspirational, we were so lucky to meet her!''