Enrichment Week

1st April 2021

Curriculum & Instruction / Enrichment / Gifted & Talented

This week we have had a curriculum enrichment week, during the course of the week pupils have been involved with a range of activities to help bring our curriculum to life!

The week's focus has been wide ranging including science, design and technology. It included some very exciting events including den building, practical science investigations, a magic science show, Meals inspired from different countries around the world and a visit from a dinosaur! 

Children in Key stage one were perplexed to find eggs had been laid in their classrooms and there was such a buzz around school as to what these mysterious eggs were and if they would hatch! After some investigation and the appearance of some rather large dinosaur footprints near the eggs, we realised there must be a dinosaur hiding in the school !!! On Friday the children were called to the hall in their bubbles to meet Joe and Sam from Teach REX who told them that they had been contacted to come get the eggs!

 After an amazing and informative lesson learning about fossils, palaeontology, environments and the science of dinosaurs they were introduced to JAM the very friendly TREX and some very cute Dino babies! 

 As well as making a movie they even had the chance to sneak past one and learn what dinosaurs eat with JAM sniffing a few of our staff and children to suss out if they were tasty!! Luckily no children were eaten during this event!!! Overall The children (and staff) had an amazing week absorbed in the events and producing some really lovely work on reflection.