Eco Enrichment week


1st April 2022

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Eco Enrichment week.
Eco week at school was a great success. Everyone showed such passion and enthusiasm for looking after our environment.
We were lucky to have The Yorkshire Rotters and Power Down Pete visit and show us some interesting and fun ways we can look after the world we live in and inspire others to change their waste habits.

The North Yorkshire Rotters, known as the Rotters, promote home composting, reduce, reuse and recycling and the 'love food hate waste' campaigns. 

Power Down Pete provided curriculum linked activities with an environmental twist for all key stages.  By generating a switch off culture in school, children understand the importance of energy efficiency and their responsibilities to the planet.

our Key Stage 2 pupils had a trip to Harlow Carr Gardens to learn about growing plants and the impact of food growth on the environment

Within school, each class has a designated pair of Eco - Warriors who attend weekly meetings and come up with ideas for helping the environment in and out of school .

Our school children have expressed a keen desire to want to make a change and help our planet!


Year 5 and 6 visit to Harlow Car Gardens
Making Compost and wormeries with the Yorkshire Rotters!