Reception children investigate dinosaurs

On Thursday 25th February Reception children in Mrs Porritt’s class travelled to the Yorkshire Museum, York, in search of dinosaurs! To support our learning in class the children had some things they wanted to find out; why did dinosaurs become extinct? And how do we know so much about dinosaurs?

We set of in search of our answers and had a fantastic day! The day started with a ‘dinosaur dig’ workshop in which the children became scientists and found out all about fossils. We then had a look around the ‘extinct a way of life’ exhibition in the museum and found out some interesting facts about how and why many different types of creatures have become extinct. The children enjoyed searching for dinosaur footprints, finding out which dinosaur their height and weight compared to and looking at a giant Ichthyosaurus fossil. 

We had a wonderful day the Yorkshire Museum and the children came home very tired but excited and inspired to learn more about dinosaurs!