Birds of Prey Visit

York birds of prey visit

York birds of prey came to Thirsk CP School this morning theirs smallest to biggest owl.

First we saw pip the  African whiteface pip eat tralanchila and scorpions .

Then we saw Woody the British tawny owl. He was quite small. He had black shiny eyes.

Then we saw Angel the barn owl there are more than 18 species of owls.

Then we saw Rolo the European  eagle owl. He was very fluffy.

I ENJOYED THIS DAY A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Evan

Birds of prey

York birds of prey came to visit I held Pip had big orange eyes.

Then I saw Woody. Woody had black eyes.

 The Barn Owl had black spots that means it is a female  Angel had black eyes .

Rollo was scary to me because he landed right next to me. I was so scared ,I crawled away. Rollo ate a dead chick. He was so strong and tall! In the wild they eat foxes and deer. Rollo lived in Europe. Rollo can turn his head all the way around.


By Jack